Flashback: Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

By on April 20, 2014

Today, we flashback to 1990 and one of the biggest hits on that year.  Ice Ice Baby featuring the bassline from Queen/David Bowie, Under Pressure.  If you grew up during that year, you had this song playing in your car or in your headphones.  You probably even tried to dance just like Vanilla Ice.  Vanilla Ice was the hottest music artist for a short time before the controversies.  Now looking back, the song is fun before rap became dark and gang-related.

Since then, there have been many remakes including version by Vanilla Ice himself.  Check them out here and let’s flashback!  Word to your mother…

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby Today Show 10.31.2013

The 2012 Zumba® Fitness “Ice Ice Baby” Remix, featuring Vanilla Ice

Jedward – Ice Ice baby featuring Vanilla Ice

Reanimator Feat.Big Daddi And Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby  (Salsa)

Hope – Ice Ice Baby

Glee cast version

And of course… Jim Carrey as Vanilla Ice from In Living Colors

And finally…Sung by actors in movies “Very Cool”

And if you think you’ll dance to it for at your wedding…then check this out.

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